Thursday, March 21, 2013


Easter is such a pretty holiday.  All pink, blue, yellow and green pastels.  The colours of Spring.  Why not make some festive snacks for Easter.  Here are a few ideas I found.

First, these adorable Bunny Ear Cookies from MUNCHKIN MUNCHIES.  How cute.  I will make these for my darling when she is older andI know she will just love them.

Or these Carrot Shaped Cello bags filled with Cheese Snacks are simple and very cute.

I just love these Pastel Deviled Eggs.  Deviled Eggs are my sons favourite snack and he will really love these this Easter.  Full instructions at FOOD JIMOTO.

I found these today and could not believe how something that looked so complicated could be so easy.  For full instructions for these  Crescent Shaped Carrot Appetizers go to HUNGRY HAPPENINGS.

Finally these absolutely, cute as a button, Bunny Buns.  I just love these and so simple.  I could not find the directions but if you have a bun dough recipe you can see how easy it is to make the sweet little things.

So, bring some cute into you Easter Snacks and Appetizers.  Put away the boring veggies and dip and the cheese and crackers and make something Eastery this season.


  1. Evening Sue, you always find the neatest pictures of goodies....they all look so good, Francine.

  2. Oh my gosh, people are so inventive! Love the bunny ear cookies and those cheesie carrots are too much fun! Thanks for the pics Sue, Deb