Thursday, March 28, 2013


This is what it has looked like around here this week.  Dull, dark, more like October than March.

The farm looks like a war zone.  With three big dogs every paw print in mud leaves a crater.  My gardens are just awful.  The poor dogs don't like it either.  Atticus and Rufus are out in the mud just to be outside but Daisy, the female and smart one, likes to stay in.

I had to go to the Post Office today and pick up my eggs at Josmar Acres.  As I passed to go to the Post Office out of the corner of my eye there was a flash of colour.  Oh, my, were those flowers?

Lo and behold, Spring had come to Josmar Farms in the form of Pansies!  Those lovely little darlings than can withstand the cold.  I brought my camera and took lots of pictures.  They were nice enough to let me photograph the progress of the seedlings too.

Not only do they sell bedding plants they make the most beautiful potted arrangments and hangers.  The Ranunculus were gorgeous.  I brought home a flat of Pansies and some Ranunculus for the Easter table.

I went into the one little greenhouse that had the pansies and some other seedlings.  Everything was so pretty and Spring like.  I just love the arrangments in the willow teapots and big teacups.

 It is Maple Syrup time her in Ontario and Josmar Acres has a beautiful selection of Maple Syrup Products.

Some more flower arrangments inside.  They have produce and honey and of course my delicious eggs.  Everything you need for you garden and birds too.

Then I went into the greenhouse to visit all of the little baby plants.  Oh, it was like heaven in there.  I use to work in a greenhouse and I just love the aroma of the hothouses on these cold, damp days.  You can smell the warmth of the earth it is so comforting.

  Everything is in full swing for Spring at Josmar Acres.  The plants are coming along nicely, lots of hanging plants.  I cannot wait to get started in the garden.

So on this incredibly depressing day a little sunshine made it's way through in the form of Josmar Acres.  If you are in the Lynden area stop by and visit Pixie and the Josmar Acre family.  They always greet you with a smile and the homey feel is something worth stopping in for.  You can visit them on Facebook too!


  1. Hi Sue, oh that time of year, nice to have the milder weather but along comes the mud, Atticus sure is a handsome boy, love the looks of him.....I love Pansy's, I have planted some at this time other years for like you said they can stand the cool temps....that looks like a great place to go, really nice....Thanks for sharing, Easter Wishes, Francine.

  2. Oh my goodness--- your dogs look so sad! lol They do look like they are in need of some sunshine and warmer days. How cute!

  3. MMMmmmmm, I can almost smell the earthy greenhouse smell from here.... Ahhhhhhhhh :))))))
    Sending Happy Easter wishes Northward to you! :))))