Friday, April 5, 2013


I have been thinking of making a dollhouse.  It is funny how we want to do this as adults.  Perhaps it is our love of decorating or making things just right for our homes.  Why not make a perfectly delightful little house be your dream home, it is a little cheaper........or is it.

You can create your own dollhouse from scratch or from a kit.  There are so many out there it is hard to choose.  These are beautiful simple ones.  I like the last one, very much my taste.

They can get quite grand and quite pricey.  These are very over the top.  I really like the last one it is a Beacon Hill style.

 Oh, and then there are the antique dollhouses like the first one here.  How wonderful it must be to find one in such pristine condition.   The others are reproductions of antique dollhouses and I just love them.  I think I will choose to make something like the last one, so haunting yet beautiful.

Then you get to the best part, the inside.  You can get very carried away with the furnishings.  I cannot believe the last bed is for a dollhouse, how wonderful.

 So, when I get a little more time a dollhouse will be a project I will enjoy making.  Very gothic, I think, something just for me like a beautiful antique.  I look forward to checking out some plans and maybe modifying a kit if I can find one I like.   I know they are addictive but I will only build the one so it will have to be perfect.  But, like my own home I am sure it will evolve over time.


  1. *Gasp* Stop it ! Dolls Houses and miniatures make my wee heart skip a beat! I have two (or so...) at the moment; one was made by a relative years ago and I was the only grown up who was excited about adopting it! I also have mine from when I was an actual kid. That one is mounted to the wall in the laundry room and its rooms are storage shelves for dryer sheets and wash cloths! and then I have a one room Cottage underway (for YEARS now)...(think an old house in Ireland...)and I have a mouse house I've made from cardboard (cuz I don't hurt myself with power tools that way...) and my other mouse house made from old shingles and bark and moss... AND, *Phew* take a breath...I have two more logs awaiting transformation!
    I will be very excited to read/see all future doll house posts!!!
    GREAT pictures!! Yummy even!! :)))

  2. What a wonderful post. I love dollhouses and would love to have one myself. My favorite of the group is the small white cottage with the Wisteria hanging down and roses under the window. That little house would be heaven to me. Thank you for sharing these great photos.

  3. Hi Sue, love all those wonderful houses, I have ale ways been drawn to houses big or small......Drooling over that old antique one, wonderful, Blessings Francine.

  4. How exciting, I can't wait for you to get started so I can see pictures. Giggle. (Yup, it's always about me)

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. I adore this post! I have always loved doll houses but, WOW these are REALLY doll houses. I love all the different sizes and shapes! xoxoxox-cindy

  6. Your post makes me want to make a dollhouse, too! What fun (and a never-ending project)! I remember when I was little, there was girl down the street, Vanessa, who had a big doll house filled with the most wonderful miniature goodies. I could've looked at it forever. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

  7. I've been telling my husband for a while I want a doll house, trying to get him to help me build it. I think the cozy cottage with the wisteria is my fav. I love looking at all the blogs where people make the furniture and everything else you could put in a doll house.
    Theresa N

  8. You know what I'm saying: Go for it! I get such joy from my dollhouse. Even though I didn't build it, renovating and decorating it has been such fun. I have a kit around here for another one and hope to someday tackle it.


  9. I love this post!
    They are all so amazing!
    I love looking at miniatures on easy, they are so detailed
    Did you ever see the house from the film Psycho that Paul's parents made me?

  10. Sue, we are twin souls in so many ways. I have wanted to make a dollhouse my entire adult life. These that you shared have me going oooooh and aaahhhhh non stop. It is one of those things on my "retirement list." Lots of love sweetie, Mina

  11. Your Dollhouses are Absolutely !!!!!!!!FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!


  12. Amazing work! Adorable!!! just PERFECT!

  13. Finally retired after many hard years as an inner city Principal. My very dream as a child was to have a beautiful dollhouse of my own. I began a dollhouse and realized very quickly that it was not going to be large enough. I am gifting it to my sister and have begun a 66 x 24 by 3 story dollhouse. I purchased an antique Victorian sideboard to place it on. The that dollhouse opens from the front with three doors and lift for the roof for attic. There is also an attached sunroom with 6 double french doors. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED!!!