Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone.  It is still freezing here, where the heck is Spring?  I have not seen anything green in the garden.  I think I will start my tomato seeds today, maybe that will bring on Spring.

I am doing some catch up today.  Here are some pictures from Easter, got a little busy and did not have time to put them on the other day.

I have some pretty Easter flowers from Josmar Acres, at least it is Springy inside.  I did not put out all of my Easter decorations this year, it came so early I just did not get to it.  Here are my paper mache bunnies and chickens.  Love these and the best buy.  I picked them up a couple of years ago at HomeSense reduced to $1.00.  They had so many of them and no one seemed to like them, I have a dozen or so.

I collect vintage style tin signs, these are two.  I love the distinguished Mr. Rabbit, I am leaving him on the cupboard for a while.  I found these adorable Chocolate mummie bunnies and baby bunnies at Winners, they are made in Germany and I am sure my son and daughter-in-law enjoyed them.

We did not do a big Easter dinner, I had bits and pieces instead.  I made the Pillsbury Crescent Roll shaped carrots filled with egg salad.  They turned out great, were easy and tasted delicious.  This would be fabulous for a baby shower too.

Of course our little Easter Bunny was there.  She had more fun picking up the plastic Easter Eggs than caring about what was inside.  I think she is so cute with that tail I would like to get a bunch of different colours and put them on her all the time.  I won't though that could be embarrassing if she wanted to wear them when she went to school one day.

All in all it was a lovely Easter even if it was not sunny, the Easter Bunny wore mittens but he got the job done.

I put some new Bohemian/Hippie bracelets in my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN.  I love making these, what do you think?

 Just one last thing today.  If you want to see some lovely Spring pictures drop by Helena's blog, MY SWENGLISH HOME.  Helena is a amazing photographer from Sweden who lives in the English Countryside.  I am so envious of the weather there now.  The photos are breathtaking, it is truly Spring there.  You must have a look.


  1. Lovely Easter goodies photos....
    I would have snatched up little paper mache goodies for a $1 too!
    I'm sure spring will arrive for good at some point... Looks like it's creeping into Swenglend right now!! :)))) Adorable little chocolate bunnies!! Yum!! (or are they too cute to eat?) :)))

  2. Your crescent rolls look delicious, and what a cute Easter bunny! Thank you for tipping us off to My Swenglish home - divine.

  3. Hi Sue, here too, cold and windy, no sign of Spring yet.....Love all your Easter goodies, I even have a few of them......Your Hippie bracelets are beautiful, great job, Blessings Francine.

  4. Those crescent rolls so cool to look and and have made me mighty hungry. I definitely have to check out the Etsy shop as I love those Bohemian bracelets!
    Melody, up there, ya you my friend ~ how did you not comment on those bracelets ... I know you love them too :)

  5. Spring really hasn't arrived here yet. The Robins are back from their winters journey but still cold here. Went to opening day of baseball season last night, it was cold.

    Thank you for sharing everything.