Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Good Morning everyone.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that  my fellow Canadians had a nice long weekend.

Today I am calling out to anyone who lives in Southern or Northern Ontario.  RESCUE DOGS MATCH really needs your help.  Although Brenda has a great adoption success rate there are always new dogs coming in.  Here are some of the new pups and the ones who have not been lucky enough to get homes yet.

This is Pee Wee a loving big St.Bernard.  Pee Wee came from the pound on his last day and has been at the kennel for over 6 weeks now.  He adores woman but is a little leary of men although after a few weeks he now likes the man at the kennel.

Here is lovely Lincoln.  He is 6 and a sweetheart.  He loves kids and just wants to be hugged.

Guido was brought up from the States from an S.P.C.A. that was going to put him down.  Brenda got him on the day of our yard sale.  A woman who volunteered at the Cambridge Rescue pleaded for his life.  Because he had food issues he never made it to the S.P.C.A. here and went to the pound.  He was going to be sent back to the U.S. the following day to be euthinized.  Brenda saved his life.

Darling Hunter!  This adorable Beagle has been in foster care and then was adopted.  Because he had a couple of bathroom accidents they sent him back and he is now in the kennel.

This is Newton, Arianna and Bradley.  They are at the pound and Brenda has to get them some foster homes before it is too late.  They are all sweet, affectionate dogs that have been abondoned by their families.

This is Buddy a Border Collie cross and a doll.  He needs a forever home real soon.

Last we have Zara.  This beautiful Akita has been in foster care for over 2 months and not one person has wanted to see her.  Her foster mom loves her but lives in a condo so there is not a yard for Zara although she goes to the Dog Park every day.  Zara came to the farm when Brenda picked her up from the pound on the day she was going to lose her life.  She was so happy to run free after being caged for 6 weeks.  This is a beautiful, well behave dog and if I could I would have kept her.  I would keep them all actually.

So, if you live in Ontario and could Foster or knows of anyone who could Foster or even better if you are looking for a loving dog to bring into your family please get in touch with Brenda at RESCUE DOGS MATCH or let me know and I will pass it on.

Especially for poor Roo.

Also, we are having the SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES FUNDRAISER on June 8th. because the Rescue is absolutely out of money, I mean not a penny is there.  If you want to help with a small donation there is a PAYPAL button on the website.  Have a look at the gorgeous new website that one of the new volunteers has designed it is fabulous.

So please everyone in blogging land pass this post on I believe in the power of networking, help save these dogs with me.

Don't forget  that these pendant I made especially for RESCUE DOGS MATCH can be purchased throught my ETSY SHOP WICKED FAERIE QUEEN and 75% of the proceeds go to the Rescue.

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