Wednesday, May 22, 2013


  It was kind of ironic yesterday, I wrote my post about the pups at RESCUE DOGS MATCH who need foster homes and forever homes and when I went to check my e-mail I had a lovely surprise.

Last month I entered a blog contest at the blog THE PET BLOG LADY to win a great puppy package prize, I thought what a great idea for the pups at the Rescue if I won.

It was sponsored by the lovely people at PURINA and MY PUPPY the great website with lots of information about starting your puppies life out right.  You should go over and sign up, it is a great site.

Well, surprise, surprise I won!  I will receive this fabulous Puppy Package worth $150.00 from the great folks at PURINA who sponsored the contest on the amazing THE PET BLOG LADY, Lisa Taron's blog.

As you can see it is just full of great things for puppies.  A big basin, a bed, bowl, brush, picture frame, blanket, and so much more.  I cannot wait to get it, this will be so nice for the pups at RESCUE DOGS MATCH.

I want to thank Lisa so much for this wonderful gift and the folks at My Puppy and Purina.  You must visit Lisa's blog THE PET BLOG LADY.  This is a wonderful, informative site about pets, rescues, just about everything you need to know about your loved ones.  I am so glad I found Lisa, she really cares.  And don't forget if you have a puppy register them at MY PUPPY, I registered sweet Atticus, he might be big but he is still a puppy.

And please stop by and read my RESCUE DOGS MATCH POST from yesterday and pass it on.


  1. So happy I drew your name!!

  2. OMG! A huge congratulations on your win. Couldn't be more deserved.