Monday, May 27, 2013


Sorry I have not posted in a few days.  It is a mere 2 weeks until the SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES FUNDRAISER for the dogs at RESCUE DOGS MATCH.

Everything is moving along smoothly, hoping the weather cooperates on the day.  We have 7 wonderful women who have volunteered to do Tarot, Angel and Palm readings.  I am looking forward to meeting the 5 lovely ladies I have only spoke to through e-mails ( the other 2 have helped us before).  My home will be humming with the energy of all of the strong, fabulous women who will be here to help with the cause for the dogs.

I will be making the baskets tomorrow filled with the wonderful donations that have come in.  I will show you the results this week.  Gardens are blooming, the studio is finally clean and my fab hubby is working on the gazebo today.
I am so happy to do this for RESCUE DOGS MATCH.  I believe in the power of magic and with the blessings of the goddesses this will be a success and help at least three of the dogs and bring awareness to  people.  The response I have gotten through donations and volunteers shows me that so many people do care when they are made aware.

We will all have a lot of fun on June 8th. and a wonderful time but we are all here for one!

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  1. You do such wonderful work for the Rescue Sue, bless your heart, It will be a success ....Blessings Francine.