Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Good afternoon everyone.  I got a message on my Etsy e-mail yesterday from a lady named Taunya who is the Rescue Director at  a dog rescue called  GONE TO THE DOGS.  She had a request of artists on Etsy.

This adorable little 4 month old pup is called Wrangler and he needs a $2,000.00 surgery on his throat so that he can swallow and eat.  Whenever he drinks water it goes into his lungs instead of his tummy.  Taunya requested donations for a Facebook Auction to raise funds.  Of course I have donated several pieces.  Everyone is always so kind when I do my Fundraisers and I give back whenever asked.

So I am asking all of you to stop over to the FACEBOOK AUCTION page and have a look at the offerings.  Bidding ends of June 14th. and it is not really go too well so would you please forward this post on your blog?  Spread the word.  You can also go here to FUNDRAZR  to make a donation, so far they have raised $572.00, and the vet will not do the surgery until the bill is paid up front.

GONE TO THE DOGS is located in Rendondo Beach, California so if you are a Californian maybe check them out if you are looking for a lovely new family member.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping with our sweet boy Wrangler. He deserves a chance at a good life.