Thursday, June 20, 2013


As you know, we have been building a new Gazebo.  Well, it still is not finished. 

What I thought would be a simple four posts, open sides and a roof has turned into a monster!

I wanted to have it look like a cool hippie outdoor room.  I had the idea to use old window frames to make it look like a real room, which we did.

Now my husband, sometimes, let's building structure on the farm get away from him.  What started out simple just keeps getting more complicated.

I wanted a flat roof, I thought that would be easier, but of course once the walls were up it was obvious a peak would be better.  We are working on the roof today, hopefully it will be done by Saturday.  Then we have to paint it, thank goodness we have a sprayer.  I really never thought a 12 by 12ft. open structure could be so intricite and take such a long time to build.

I know it will be gorgeous when it is done, but boy there are a lot of beams and side pieces in it.  Well, stay tuned, hopefully I will be showing you the completely finished Monster Gazebo by mid week.


  1. lol, ideas can get away from you. I love the first Picture! look forward to seeing your finished. lady

  2. It looks truly magical!
    (if only the fairies and golden eyed toads could wield hammers and paint brushes/sprayers to assist, lol)

    Looking forward to seeing the outcome...


  3. Oh Sue it is beautiful. I agree wish the faeries would pop in an help. Maybe they are, but you know they sometimes take their own time. Can't wait to see it finished.I have a concrete face just like yours in my little garden.

  4. Be patient my friend, it will be amazing, Francine.

  5. Love your home and am looking forward to seeing the completed gazebo!


  6. Ah yes, the old "quick and simple project" that turns into a marathon, I know it well! I'm sure it will be wonderful when you are done, can't wait to see pictures, Deb