Friday, July 26, 2013


Good morning everyone!  You ever have that perfect day?  Today is a perfect day here on the farm.  The weather is gorgeous, no humidity.

I want to start the post with a picture our son took the other day when he went to Toronto Island with his family.  This is the shot looking at Toronto.  Toronto Island is a lovely place.  You can only get there by ferry.  It was a cottage community but now the few residents live there all year.  There is a little fairgrounds there in the summer.

We sat on the porch enjoying the peaceful morning today.  The sun is shining through the trees and the plants are thriving.  Even though we still have a lot of clean up from the storm it is nice to just sit and take in the glory of summer.

The front gardens looked so pretty this time of morning.  My Clematis is blooming perfectly.

Atticus is always near the bird feeders watching for squirrels.  Daisy and Rufus are out wandering around the top of the farm.  We got a little behind with the gazebo, hubby is doing the shingling today and we will have it painted very soon.  I just love it.  The old windows look great.  I call it my Hippie Retreat.  The stone bench sat at my grandparents farm for over 30 years now it resides here.  The little green wicker chair was a great thrift store find.  I got two of them for $12.00.

Well, Atticus and I have things to do today so we are off.  Don't forget to sign up here for MY HIPPIE HEART NECKLACE GIVEAWAY I will draw tonight at midnite.


  1. I LOVE that gazebo even as it is with just the frame LOL...I figured out what is holding up this page from loading on my PC, it is the photo feature, not the music player just freezes my PC...oh well, I have learned I have to shut down and restart, but I love coming here anyway :D

  2. It is looking gorgeous at your place. Isn't it great to just stop and enjoy the garden from time to time.

  3. Beautiful photos. Love the ones of your furry ones, and would love to have that gazebo in my yard. Just the right size and a great hideaway.

    Thank you for sharing.