Wednesday, July 24, 2013


They came and cut up the big tree yesterday, thank goodness.  They also completely got rid of the tree that was on the studio.  But, the insurance would not cover the tree that was uprooted so we will have to take care of that later.

This little old table with my herb amazingly did not move during the storm.  It is finally a nice normal weather day today.  Sunny but cooler, perfect for getting some art done for my shop.  I am working on Halloween signs made of reclaimed old pine.  The pups are waiting for me, they love it when we are in the studio.

These were the signs I did last Halloween, they sold right out!  I wish I had kept that little witch.

Don't forget to sign up for MY HIPPIE HEART NECKLACE GIVEAWAY from my ETSY SHOP WICKED FAERIE QUEEN.  I will draw a winner on Saturday.  Just click  the GIVEAWAY to enter.

Well, I had better get back.  I will catch up with everyones posts over the weekend.  Hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. Oh Sue, I love that little herb table and your decor is as warm and welcoming as ever. I hate that insurance wouldn't pay for the entire job but thankfully you got that tree off the studio.

    I remember those amazing signs and am not a bit surprised they sold out. I wish I had that little witch too. ;-)

    Honey, I am so glad to be back. It's been too long since my last visit as it took some time to mend. I am off to enter that marvelous giveaway. All my love to you sweetie! Mina

  2. Quite incredible that the little table escaped damage when you look at the damage to the trees.

  3. Hi Sue, that is amazing your little sweet table still stands, really something.....Will enter your giveaway, Blessings Francine.