Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I love the Union Jack!  Being part British I saw it all my life with my Great Grandparents. And of course being Canadian it was our flag until 1965.  There is just something about the design that I adore.

You see the Union Jack all over in fashion.  Something as simple as this lovely cardigan pattern from Ravelry to a beautiful gown or these fabulous pants on Kate Moss, these were made from a vintage Union Jack and actually sewn onto her for the shoot.

Or how about a fab handbag or tote,  I love the last one.  The first one is only $79.99 and the second is a real bargain at $22.99, both available through Amazon.com.

How about a gorgeous time piece.  These clocks are really lovely or something a little more personal like this watch from LUULLA, I think I am going to get this at just $19.99 and $5. shipping how can I not?

 Home Decor has just gone wild with the Union Jack pattern.  Love the sofa and dresser but this JACK PORTER Chair really does it for me.  At $8,625.00 I will just have to look at it in pictures.

You can go for something smaller like this adorable stool or make your own table from an old electrical spool or just about any flea market find.  I made a great footstool from a small antique one I had.  I just painted the Union Jack onto heavy cotton then distressed and polished it.

Or maybe just  a throw rug or a throw pillow.  The Union Jacks in design are not just red, white and blue anymore.  I think the other colour combinations are so chic yet organic looking.

If you don't want to go all out why not just hang a picture on the wall or add a funky teapot or cup like the gorgeous one in the middle with the Union Jack and the bunting ( that's another whole post just on bunting) from NOT ON THE HIGH STREET.

A Union Jack throw always looks fabulous like these from AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE.   I love the idea of sleeping under the Union Jack especially with a great vintage looking quilt like this one from  R & H BABY AND CHILD.

Whether you choose a little Union Jack or a lot of Union Jack, there is just something about this grand old Royal flag that adds a bit of class to everywhere it goes.


  1. I love the pictures you posted and I agree with you about the second purse, very pretty. Never thought a flag could look good in so many other ways.

  2. I love that sofa! I have a habit of checking every flying Union Flag I see, to make sure it has been hung the right way up - I even annoy myself with this obsession!

  3. Love the clocks and the watch, and those bags are wonderful!

  4. The Union Jack rocks! I love these creations.