Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This summer seems to be flying by.  I said to my husband yesterday that it would be nice to have one week this summer where we did not have to leave the house and could just enjoy to furry babies and the weather.

After the big storm the gardens took a beating and did not really recover.  The herb garden looks nice and full this year and the pots on the back porch are okay although they are half the size as last year.

Once again I grew my heirloom tomatoes from seed, Black Krim.  If you remember last summer they were overflowing with luscious black and yellow tomatoes.  Well, I have lots but they are not ripening and are still really hard.  Any advice?

My husband finally got the roof on the gazebo, I call it my Hippie House, finished so I got to paint it this week.  I love the colour but decided to paint the inside ceiling lighter because at night it is really dark.  It is finished and I will show you the completed project tomorrow.  I am looking for a small stain glass window for the back above the old window, have not found one yet.  This great Raven bell has been hanging on the studio but it will now have a home right above the door of my Hippie House.

Alice and the Cheshire cat amazingly made it through the tornado unscathed.  They keep watch over the garden.  Atticus is always right by us, a great big lap dog.  He and Rufus play all the time and he follows Daisy around like she is his mother.  She escapes under the studio for a break.

I hung this on the front of our house and I am trying to stick by it. 

Hope you are all enjoying the end of summer where you are and that the weather is lovely and the days are long and fulfilling.


  1. Hi Sue, summer is zooming along, wow...everything looks great, nice tomatoes.....Beautiful fur baby's, Adicus sure is beautiful, one handsome Shepard, Blessings Francine.

  2. oh your tomatoes! from seed? I will have to try that, I seem to get worse every year though I try harder and plant more heirlooms, they don't grow as much. Can't wait to see the pics on your gazebo! I wish you too could spend a week home with the furries, I can only imagine how much joy that is. This week I tried to take home 2 cats from a nursery who had around 15 wild ones and they refused to let me take them home, can you imagine? I finally fell in love with 2 cats who loved me too and they said no. My heart broke. Time with furries is like no other, may you have it sooner rather than later.

  3. Love your gazebo - I can imagine many pleasant hours spent out there with your babies!


  4. Oh gosh, I love that gazebo! You'll have such fun with it!


  5. I love the Chesire Cat and Alice cut outs in the tree! I must have something like that one day. When I have a house with a tree!

  6. I have occasionally had tomatoes that didn't ripen, and weren't going to, so I picked them and ripened them on a sunny windowsill. They aren't as nice, and I tend to cook with them.
    I like your sign. This is something that I really believe in. So many of us let life pass us by, because we are too busy thinking about the future.