Friday, August 23, 2013


Ta Da!  It is finally finished, well there is still some touching up to do but after a long haul, since May, I am very happy with my Hippie House Gazebo.

There is my Raven Bell, and you can see the nice ceilings, I love the beams.  I hung a cool iron Peace Sign on the back window and I want to put a little stained glass window above it.  Sitting in here looking out at the farm is so calming and lovely.  I am very, very satisfied with the results.  Using the old windows frames really added something unique and very hippie like to the gazebo and we used up a lot of old windows too.   I highly recommend building a creation of your own if you can, this takes me back to the simpler times of my life.

Okay, you all know my darling Daisy, well you might think this is her but no.  This gorgeous guy was at the pound on the "out" list when Brenda got the call and rescued him.  He looks just like Daisy.  He is under a year old and already 110lbs.  He is an Akbash, a Turkish herding dog and actually quite rare here, he was a stray, never ceases to amaze me what poor dogs are at the pound.    I call him Oden and we really wanted to keep him.  With 3 big dogs already when do you consider it hoarding?  Anyway a nice guy with a farm who has been waiting for the right dog is coming to meet Oden tonight, fingers crossed it's a match or Daisy may get a twin.

Here are the latest Antique Repurposed drawer Halloween/Christmas signs for my Etsy shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN.  I am keeping the first one I just love the way the "Spooky" and "Peace on Earth" turned out.  I don't usually keep my work but I love the patina of the wood on this one.  I love the other one too but it will be up for sale some time today.

Last today I bought this fab Alexander McQueen knock off bag on Ebay.  I just love it and it is close enough for me.  The $19.00 price tag is much more enticing than the $2,000.00 price tag of an origninal.

Hope you all have a fabulously lovely weekend with great weather and lots of love.


  1. oh that final result we've been waiting months for and it is TO SIGH FOR !! It is truly amazing, and I'd love that so very much. I imagine how many things you will enjoy in there, sky's the limit! wow! enjoy it!

  2. That really is a gorgeous space to sit and unwind. Lucky, lucky you. Oden is gorgeous, and if the potential owner isn't right, I'm sure he could would do just fine with you! It is just a matter of holding your nerve, and not actually counting, lol.

  3. Amazing job on the hippie gazebo. You guys always make the most gorgeous things. I'm so lucky to have such talented parents. My entire house is full on such beautiful one of a kind pieces that will last forever.
    Great job, ps no more dogs...

  4. Oh girl, I don't know where to begin! Well I am pea green over your hippie house. WOW! It looks fabulous. I love the design and welcoming feel of it.

    Yes, I DID think that was Daisy. How on earth are you feeding this crew??? Oden is a perfect name and I do hope he is adopted to the nice man with the farm. Of course your home is perfect, but I know you already have a full furry house. ;-)

    Your signs are incredible! And that purse? OH SNAP!!! Warmest hugs, my friend. Mina