Friday, August 9, 2013


I have been a long time lover of Crepes.  If you have never had a Crepe I am sure you will want to try them after reading this post.

The Crepe is a French paper thin pancake.  Made with basically the same ingredients as a pancake but much more liquidy.  Poured into a hot pan and in seconds turned into a deliciously, thin, crisp on the edges delight.

There is a great recipe at CUBAN MARKET PLACE for the perfect crepe.

The Crepe is filled with just about anything.  Most people are familiar with the Sweet Crepe.  Filled with fruit and topped with powder sugar or whipped creme they are simply fab.  For a devilishly delicous treat have your Crepes with melted chocolate.....soooo good!

Savory Crepes are to die for!  I made a batch for our Christmas Party a couple of years ago.  I added fresh herbs to the batter and served them with a variety of fillings like rice, chicken, veggies, and spiced beef.  There is nothing like biting into that soft yet chewy Crepe filled with something yummy like smoked salmon, mushrooms or asparagus.  You can roll your crepe or do the traditional triangle fold which is great for appetizers.

I love making Crepes, they are really easy, don't worry if the first one does not work out it never does.

To my delight I was watching the Foodie show " You Gotta Eat Here" which features Canadian Food from across the country.  There was a segment on Crepes, sweet and savory.  Like a gift from the Crepe Goddesses, the restaurent was not far from me, in Port Dover, Ontario.

The Crepe House features a huge selection of Crepes, from Breakfast Crepes to Dessert Crepes.  The one that caught my eye was the Turkey Crepe.  Filled with the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Fare, it looked absolutely scrumpcious. Being a vegatarian, I will have them put my turkey on hubbies plate but I cannot resist the dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberry and gravy.   My husband and I are going out there on Tuesday to give it a try, I am sure we will not be dissapointed.

Port Dover is a nice little community filled with shoppes owned by Artists and Antiques people.  It sits on the Grand River.  Well worth the visit if you are in the area.

I hope you have enjoyed this taste bud titilating post and if you have not had Crepes it makes you want to try them soon.


  1. Love, Love, Love Crepes and now I am starving!! :) Great Post.

  2. I'm a savoury person, and those savoury crepes do look good.

  3. Yum!!! All your pictures made me definitely want to add these to my repertoire. :-)

  4. OMG! I love crepes of any kind. Breakfast, dessert, even plain. It makes no difference to me and these images have me drooling on my keyboard. Now where can I get a crepe right now??? ;-) Hugs, sweetie! Mina

  5. What a fun post and a great blog. You've earned yourself another follower on GFC I hope you'll do the same.


  6. Ha ha ha... funny story... the first time I ever made a "crepe" was when my friend and I smashed some batter in between the (flat) "griddle" sides of those old waffle presses from the 70's. Not quite crepes, per se, but much thinner than pancakes, and WOW, how we thought we were hot stuff!!!

  7. i have not had crepes since I left England. I must relearn how to do them. These look wonderful