Thursday, December 12, 2013


It is that time of year.  I am so busy I forget what day it is.  Last year, I posted almost everyday with a new Christmas idea, this year I have barely posted anything for Christmas.  Between the new grandbaby, decorating, shopping, our Christmas party, Cookie baking ( doing that today)  and everyday life on the farm I just don't seem to have any spare time.

I am making time today to do a post of Christmas Stockings.  I am going to sit down tomorrow and do a huge post on our Christmas Party, decorating and a lovely gift I won a couple of weeks ago, but for now here is a quick post.

To start, these are the stockings I made 2 years ago.  I just love them and now I have to make another one for our little guy.  I have made many stockings over the years but I think these are my favourites, mind you they don't hold as much as some of the others ( much to our sons dismay).

I have made knitted stockings which turned out quite large.  When I filled them (oops, I mean when Santa filled them) they stretched so for a few Christmas's those stockings were very popular.  If you don't knit, an old sweater cut and sewed makes a great stocking.

I really like working with felt.  You can do so much with it and if you are not a sewer, you can glue them and they work out just fine.  I love the whimsy of these especially the skates.  I made some like them but mine were more elf boots than skates.

If you are a generous stocking filler you may want to try a Christmas Sack for a change.  I have had those too but you really can't hang them so I like to have them as a decoration.  I just ordered the gorgeous Scandinavian one on the bottom from Etsy, I cannot wait for it to come, being Norwegian all of these things bring back childhood memories.

There are so many beautiful stockings to buy now too.  I adore these Patience Brewster ones.  Before I knew who she was I had seen these at HomeSense and they were very reasonable but because I had just made some I did not buy them.  Big mistake!  These are worth a fortune now and you cannot find them anywhere.

I am sure you all have very interesting, lovely stockings.  All of you are so creative.  If you have something you have made and want to share or just one you like send me a picture and I will do a little post on your Christmas Stockings.  Stay tuned, more Christmas to come I promise.


  1. I love your stockings!
    In Sweden we don't really do stockings - instead we often have a "Santa" visiting during Christmas Eva, with a big sack on his back, handing out presents to everyone.

  2. Oh wow!!! so many stockings, they are all so neat....great post Sue, Happy Holidays, give the fur babes a hug from me, Blessings Francine.

  3. What a great post with all the stocking designs and ideas. Stockings are happy and fun.
    When I think "sack" it is closer to sack of coal, or for those who were not as nice as the stocking people.
    We've had an assortment over the years. Recently the stickings have been mainly for the fur children.

  4. I happened upon your blog while doing research for an article about "Christmas stockings" and must say that your are absolutely beautiful. I ended up writing the entire article about your creations, and thought you might like to check it out. I hope I did you justice!