Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Finally, I fixed my iphoto and can do my Christmas post.  I have missed you guys, hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve Day.  I woke up at 7:00 this morning to a beautiful White Christmas on the farm a welcome treat after the horrible ice storm this past weekend, but that is over so let us move on.

This will be a big post with my Christmas house, Christmas Party and some more delights....here we go.

Our Annual Christmas Party with our friends was lovely this year.  A great time with good company what more can you ask for?  I made Christmas Pie and Mashed Veg.  I made a Rosemary crust and put stuffing on the bottom, a layer of cranberry and a layer of turkey with gravy on the side.  The Veg consisted of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots all smashed together...delicious.

It is time for the Christmas tour.  This lovely Novia Scotia dresser is a piece I inherited from my Grandmother, I adore it.  It looks perfect beside my big chair and it was the perfect place to display my Grandmother's ornaments.  I picked up the adorable little tree this year from HomeSense and the Santa was a find last Christmas.

The Misltoe was the first ornament we bought when we got married, still going strong!  I love this paper mache santa head.  I got this cute Advent Santa from Ikea this season I will fill it every year for the grandbabies to share.  This guy reminded me of the cartoon santa in Rudolph.  I put the SnowGlobes together this year, the one with the Snowman is our favourite.  These gals use to be lamps in the 1940's now they sit proud on the shelf I built in the livingroom.  I think Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage would love these girls.

I made the Christmas card holder from an old window.  The paper mache bells and stars along with the gorgeous ornaments were my Grandmother's.  Our son made me this little mouse when he was 8, it is my most precious Christmas piece.  I love the way they are making ornaments look vintage like this piece over my door.  There is something very serene about the candles on the cupboard flanked by a folkart monk and the gatekeeper.

Now to the kitchen. This Peace on Earth sign I painted for my Etsy Shop Wicked Faerie Queen but I loved the patina from the old drawer so much it stayed.  This is a beautiful vintage Swedish curtain I picked up on Etsy from Sweden, it makes a perfect table cover.  I love red dishes at Christmas especially against the white kitchen walls.  This is a new decoration.  The stars are from Ikea and quite large.  I have one over each window and two white ones in the livingroom.  The little snowmen are by the same company who made my Santa.

 I made the little angel from a kit I got on Etsy last year.  I found these fabulous stars at HomeSense.  So cheap, just $4.99 each and they are from England where they can go up to $20.00 each.  My Martha Stewart wreaths have held up for years.  This little tree holds my Grandmother's favourite ornaments including her brush tail birds.  The table and chair she loved looks perfectly at home here.  Beau Bear sits there watching Christmas movies, he was our son's from a baby and when I offered it to him to take home for his babies he said that Beau lived here and he would visit him.  My two froggie lads look dapper on top of the cupboard.

 And last but not least, the Christmas Tree!  I kind of was into snowflakes this season so I decorated the tree in green and white balls, snowflakes and my pretty mice ornaments.  The presents sit waiting to be opened on Christmas morning.  I have collected Enesco, Hallmark and Carlton Mice Ornaments for a long time, I love the detail and whimsy in them.  I topped the tree with a pretty sparkly green, sort of , ball and my Department 56 Santa.  Oh yes,  the pretty white stars in the window are from Ikea.

My rather long Christmas tour has come to an end.  I hope you enjoyed it, sorry it took so long . I hope all of you lovely bloggers have a very Merry Christmas Eve.


  1. I did enjoy it very much!
    Festive at your house!!!!
    Have fun tomorrow, I can picture that paper scattered everywhere :0)


  2. Loved the post Sue, everything looks beautiful....Christmas Blessings Francine.

  3. everything is so beautiful!
    happy holidays!

  4. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely home is wondrous...décor is amazing, all your little fine touches...truly amazing.
    I want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

  5. what a lovely home you have!
    thank you for the happy festive tour..I loved all your amazing decorations.
    happy Christmas and happy new year too!