Saturday, January 4, 2014


My Christmas presents have finally started to arrive.  This year, after a very long time, I am treating myself to some new clothes and boots.  Here is the story.

I fell around 7 years ago and really hurt my knee and ankle.  I could not work out so I put on weight.  Last year, at one of our Doggie Fundraisers, A psychic told me that in the next year I would accomplish something I never thought would happen and be very proud of myself.  Well, it really happened.  In September I joined a healthy weight loss program and I could not believe it when the weight started to come off.  I eat more than I ever have, my knee and ankle feel much better, I am started to work out again, and I am proud of myself.  That being said, I ordered some of the things I have been admiring because I know that this is it for me.  I will keep going, stay healthy and I feel so invigorated, so here are my treats.

The first picture is the gorgeous Wow Cardi from Free People.  I just love it.  It is very light but warm and soft.  You could wear it with a slip dress underneath and button it all the way for a very sexy dress but I just like it as a cool cardi.

I love shawls.  This beauty again from Free People, was a real bargain on Boxing Day.  It is the Meena Shawl,  I got the last one in the black shades but the pinky orange one is adorable too.

I have worn ankle boots for many years, even before they became in fashion.  I just love the support and I like the way they look especially with skirts.  The first pair are Steve Madden Green Troopa Boots.  Very comfortable.

The second, I cannot believe the deal I got on these.  I bought them on Boxing Day at  When you sign up you get $25. off you first $100. purchase.  These Matisse Crypt Boots are $230 everywhere,  I got them for $74! had them discounted plus my discount!  That is the best deal I have ever gotten on boots. 

Last, and I have not received these yet, are the Fletch Boot from Free People.  These were a little more than I usually spend but I did save on the Crypt Boots and they were on sale.  I love them.  So soft looking I think I will wear these a lot.  The thing I like about all of these boots is the distressed look, I don't have to worry about scuffing them.

These were my Christmas presents this year and I am a very happy girl.

Now for the Giveaways.  Stop by the lovely Brenda of THE RUSTY THIMBLE BLOG.  She is having another fabulous Giveaway ending January 31st.

And don't forget to sign up for my 300 THANK YOU ALL GIVEAWAY.  Just click on the sidebar picture and go to the post to sign up for one of 3 prizes of my new MY HIPPIE HEART JEWELLRY.


  1. Oh Sue, how great for you, come kick me in the arse to get me eating healthy and working out, feeling to those boots, I am a boot freak.....Stay Warm, Francine.

  2. Love the boots! Much more practical than heels and so stylish. May I ask what the program was/is that you use? I'm looking for an unbiased opinion for something that works.

  3. WE have very similar taste in clothes and shoes! Congratulations on getting healthier and feeling better. I know what it is like to be miserable due to health.

  4. well that is good news that you got your body back! and I love those clothes too! wear them in beauty! :D

  5. Oh, I LOVE those boots! I'm an ankle boot girl myself, it has stuck with me since the early 90's :)

  6. Just catching up on blog :)
    Glad you are feeling healthier!

  7. You go girl! I LOVE free People styles. They are a little pricey, but if I just get one every once in awhile and get it on sale, I don't feel so bad about the price. I am a boot fanatic and these are amazing! You know, I just realized I don't have any shawls and I really need one. ;-) I'll have to wait a bit, but it is on my list.

    Congratulations on the healthier lifestyle and mending knee and ankle. Nurture and pamper yourself always. Hugs, Mina