Sunday, January 5, 2014


As I was getting ready to start the day today, I was putting on my lotions after my shower and realized that I have a beauty routine.  I have done it for so long that I do not even notice what I do.

I am very fortunate that my Scandinavian heritage has gifted me with good skin.  My grandmother, who was British, was a very beautiful woman, but like most women who grew up in the 1930's and 1940's skin care was not always done.  They took a lot of sun, drank socially and smoked.  My grandmother instilled in me from a young age the importance of not suntanning and moisterizing.  She always said she wished someone had told her when she was my age so I have moisterized since I was 13 years old and never, ever, gone to sleep with makeup on.

I would like to share some of my regime with you now.

Let us start with hair.  I have very long hair and I do use good shampoo, Paul Mitchel, but my hair still get dry and frizzy.  I have used a flat iron but found that made my hair dryer in the long run.  About 6 months ago, I came up with a solution.  After I dry my hair, I brush it behind my ears and put in two very loose braids.  I leave them in while I put on my makeup or for about 10 minutes.  I take them out and just run my fingers through my hair and voila....soft, smooth hair.

Now for moisterizing.  I love lotions but I do not go in for all of the expensive ones, mind you I do invest in an eye cream for through the day.  That said the only moisterizer you ever really need is PALMER'S FIRMING BUTTER and PALMER'S STRETCH MARKS CREAM.  You can purchase both at Walmart or any drug store, here in Canada they are under $8.00 for a large bottle that will last 5 or 6 months.  I am not kidding you this stuff is a miracle.  It is a great body lotion and fabulous for your face.  I use the firming butter as a night lotion, I put it around my eyes too...and smells like chocolate from the cocoa butter.  Give this a try, what can you lose for $8.00.

For body lotions, facial masks, foot and hand care I use only FREEMAN'S.  These products are around $4.00 each for a large container, and they are the best on the market.  The newest for me is the COCONUT & GUAVA TONING LOTION  it is heaven.  It smells of the most luscious coconut and makes your skin like silk.  If you don't like coconut try the SHEA BUTTER & LEMON GRASS.  Their foot and hand lotions are wonderful and their facial scrubs and mask make you feel all tingly and fresh.  These are also from Walmart or most drugstores.

The best thing about both of these product is they do not test on animals.

Let's talk makeup.  The skin on you eyelid is the most sensitive and easily stretched on you face.  Be gentle.  When applying lotions use you middle fingers, they are you weakest, and pat don't rub.  When applying shadow please, I beg you, throw out those horrible little applicators that come with most shadows.  They pull and over time will stretch you eyelid.  Invest in a nice, soft brush.  I like the one in the Urban Decay Naked 2 set.  It is large but not too large and very soft.  You can buy a nice brush at a reasonble price just about anywhere.  Walmart sells a very reasonable collection of Bamboo brushes.

I have also recently started using loose powder eyeshadows.  I buy them on Etsy, very reasonably, and I can pick just the colours I want.  I find when I buy a set of 4 eyeshadows  I only ever use two.  I also like the way the loose shadow goes on.  You get a better coverage and it blends easily...don't forget ladies, always blend you shadows for a much more finished look.  If your order the loose shadows be sure and get the sifter, it is the little thing with holes that goes on top of the container so you don't get too much on the brush.

When applying your masacre avoid the brow crunch.   You know, when you open your eyes wide and you have those little furrows in you forehead.  If you just relax and apply your mascara you will avoid looking like our friend here one day.

Now for the lips.  Always apply towards the outside of your mouth to avoid wrinkles around that little cupids bow in the middle of your lips.  A lip brush is a great way to apply lipstick and you do not waste what is left in the tube.  I realize this is not convenient when you are out but try using one sometimes when you are at home and definately invest in one to use the rest of your lipstick tube.

I hope some of these tips you will try.  Trust me these lotions are amazing and such a bargain how can you resist.  Let me know if you try any of them and how you like them.

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  1. Awesome tips.. I love the eye shadows, beautiful colors. I use the same coco butter, love the smell.
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  2. Those are some good ideas for moisturizing. I will look for them. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for all of the great tips! I have very dry skin, too, so I practically take a bath in lotion! Love the smell of cocoa butter, too. It reminds me of the beach!


  4. Wow!!! That was fun, enjoyed hearing your about the beauty products you use. Good info to, Thanks Francine.

  5. Oh Sue, I have been thinking of doing a post along these lines myself about coconut oil. (The great minds again!) I use it weekly as a conditioner on my hair and it makes it so soft and shiny. I use it on my skin daily as well. Just plain organic 100% coconut oil. I purchase 2 at a time on Amazon and they are about $6.00 each. It you buy one at a time they can cost up to $15.00 each. Anyway, I really enjoyed this post and may share one on coconut oil on my blog in the near future. Hugs sweetie! Mina