Sunday, March 9, 2014


Last year I decided to redo the upstairs of our farmhouse, specificly the two bedrooms.  I have the hall and our sons old bedroom done just perfect, I love them but our room and the computer/office room had not been done for years.

I started taking things apart last April but could not decide what to do then summer came and we had so much to do on the farm that it just got left.  With such a bleak winter here in Canada I finally decided what I wanted and we are about to start.

 Being part Norwegian I have always been attracted to Scandinavian decor.  The white and pine combined just makes everything look brighten even on the dullest day.

Living in a 235 year old farmhouse is wonderful but it does have its closets!  I decided to tear out the closet my husband built in our room, which really was not well designed, my fault, and turn the computer room into a closet/computer/office room.  We have slanted ceilings in there so it should work out well.

The floors in that room are hardwood but really nice old hardwood.  Right now they are painted green but I started to sand them and have decided to leave them raw with a light varnish and paint the room a beautiful Scandinavian white.  We will make the closet look like a built in armoire with a curved to and faux legs.

Our bedroom will also be white but we are putting in wide plank pine floors which I will whitewash.  I will finally be able to use the furniture I inherited from my Grandparents that has been stored in my husband shop for over a year.  I have a lovely cupboard that is going there, two gorgeous blanket boxes that will hold, of course, blankets and a nice curved dresser.  It is not like this Swedish beauty but it is nice.  Painting everything upstairs white will make everyday seem so much brighter even in the winter.

The only thing I wish I could get a hold of is a Swedish Mora clock.  That would look so gorgeous in our bedroom or the hall.  I have only ever seen one here, a new one, which would be fine,  I am kicking myself for not buying that.

I am so looking forward to the finished rooms.  It is a lot of work and everytime we take on a huge project like this halfway through I have a mini breakdown but in the end it is all worth it.  I will keep you posted on the progress of my Scandinavian Makeover.


  1. It sounds like you have some wonderful plans and can't wait to see them. We are still working on our home. Hopeing to get that darn laundry room done so I can start on the kitchen.

  2. Morning Sue, can't wait to see what you do,that is really a old farmhouse you live in, neat!!! Blessings Francine.

  3. I love all your ideas and inspiration photos. I can't wait to watch your rooms come together with your special twist.