Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We had our GIRLS NIGHT OUT FUNDRAISERA on Saturday, that is why I have not posted much lately....exhausted!  Anyway, it was a great success.  We had a snowstorm and people still came...or should I say more people than expected came.  Unfortunately the volunteers who were suppose to come and help us did not show up so Brenda and I had to try and control the over 80 people that came to shop, get readings, reiki, henna tattoos and massages.

I would like to thank the lovely ladies from PARANORMAL PARAGONS for coming and doing their demonstration, bring lovely things to sell, having a Wiccan orientation and for donating a lovely basket.  Everyone enjoyed it so much and I got to meet some amazing women.  They are have a New Web series soon so stop by their site and see what they do.  Thank you so much Kristine, Carol, Lorrie and Suzanne.  I look forward to meeting you all again.

I apologize for the lack of photos.  The photographer who volunteered did not show up and I, in the madness of it all, forgot to put the battery in my camera so I had to rush with my Daughter-in-law to get some pictures with our phones.

The food was great we had some really nice door prizes too.  I would like to give a very grateful thank you to the two companies that donated to us.  Nella Bella thank you so much for the handbag and gorgeous wallets and Arlette from Arlumizu thank you for the absolultely fabulous bag.  We filled them with beauty products and they helped greatly selling raffle tickets.  Also thank you so much to all of the vendors who donated as well, you were wonderful.

Speaking of the vendors, they all had fantastic products, we had artisans, doggie bakers, soap makers, home products, jewellers and beauty products.  Everyone had a wonderful time shopping.

The Masseuses, Tarot Readers, Reiki and Energy Healer all still amazing work, above and beyond.  Our Henna Artist really did some gorgeous tattoos, she was lined up all night.

After a very exhausting night, Brenda and I pulled it all together and with the help of so many gracious people raised $2,100.00 for Rescue Dogs Match.   It was a great amount raised but with 26 dogs to be vetted it is still a drop in the bucket.  We are doing another MayDay Bazaar Fundraiser May 17th. with all vendors and someone else is having a Mother's Day Sale in April.  There is also a donation fund set up on GoFundMe  so if anyone would like to donate they can go there.

There is one last special thank you I would like to give, Brenda's adorable little niece, Sierra,  was my helper in drawing the Raffle Prizes and she also made $80.00 for the Rescue selling things she and her sister made for the night.  Thank you Sierra, great job!  And thank you Cadence for helping make those pretty bracelets.

Remember our sweet little Winnie?  She was one of the pups from the reserve that Brenda rescued along with her sister, two other pups, and a pregnant Eda, who had 7 pups but only four survived.  This is our little doll when we took her to her forever home.  We miss her so much but we are so happy that she is in a loving home with her new little girl Emily.  Here they are together, pals for life.  This makes all of the hard work worth it.


  1. So happy it went soooo well and raised that much money. Lots of hard work paid off, Blessings Francine.

  2. You did an amazing job...No apologies necessary, your photos are wonderful. What a great event and am glad that it went so well.

    Blessings back to you.

  3. Congratulations on having a successful fundraising event! It's too bad that the volunteers couldn't make it because of the snowstorm, but you and Brenda did a great job teaming up, nonetheless. I would love to hear about more successful fundraising events from the both of you. Keep us posted! Kudos and more power to you! :)

    Norman Watkins @ eBay Giving Works