Saturday, March 15, 2014


Despite the cold weather I still had to start my Spring Cleaning.  In my last post I told you we are redoing the upstairs well, it is not a simple task.

Every Spring there seems to be more clutter hidden in my house.  Closets are tumbling out ( that is why we are building a nice big one, by the way that is not my closet) , drawers are full and for some reason there is a lot of paper.  Are we like spuirrels and chipmunks.  Do we feel a need to gather over the winter?

Every Spring I clean, declutter and donate.  Every Spring!  There are two of us, 3 dogs and 3 cats in this house.  I blame the cats, they look like secret hoarders to me.  I have tried to follow the rule as in the first photo.  As a matter of fact I donated practically my whole closet the Rescue Dogs Match Yard Sale last May.  I knew I was going to work on myself so losing all  of those clothes was a good start ( 36lbs. so far!)
I also try to keep a routine for cleaning but with organizing fundraising, a hubbie, six pets, two grandbabies, 3 Etsy Shops and a life it does not always happen.

After this Spring Clean and the new upstairs I vow to try to keep to a routine and stay organized.  I found some great cleaning ideas at CRAFT GOSSIP.COM have a look they are really handy ones.

I am so tired of things falling out of my kitchen cupboards that I am going to invest in some container and a labeler.  And plugs, don't get me started.  How can the television, a receiver and blu-ray have so many cords.  Check out IT WORKS FOR BOBBI for some really good organizing ideas.

I use lemons for everything from my hot drink first thing in the morning ( a great cleanse) to getting the water stains off of my tub (well water).  You will be surprised how many uses the little lemon has, check out PROTOTYPE MAMA for 18 of them.

I am glad I am getting all of this done now so that if Spring ever gets here I can just sit and smell the flowers (well, maybe for an hour).


  1. so busy!!
    great post...i think we do gather and turn into some sort of hoarder or another during winter...i know I do:)
    this is very inspiring!
    I'm off to clean out the laundry area!!!
    thank you.

  2. I am taking one room a week or trying to. Today it was the living room. I think I will spring and fall clean now. This room was the worse.

  3. Oh my, after reading that "Always Have A Clean House" list, I realize that I am doomed for all eternity and will never, ever have a clean house LOL! Happy 'S' cleaning (I'm not saying or typing the 'S' word until it is official after getting dumped on my Winter earlier today!) and I will have to try your lemon tip on our bathtub too (well water here as well). Congrats on the 36 lbs, that is an amazing accomplishment!

  4. You are off to a good start...and so many tips for us. Closets are the worst...we are like squirrels!

    As Joan Rivers says,"We empty the dishwasher and make the beds and then six months later we have to do it all over again!"


  5. Morning Sue, well, I think about starting and that's all folks, one day, Good luck, Francine.

  6. May your spring days come soon! My sister and her brood live in Minnesota so they are looking forward to the snow melting...but did see the Ice Caves.
    I am spring cleaning with our 78 degree, ridiculously warm weather here in California. It feels good to toss things and donate what I will never, ever use again.
    Have a blest rest of the week!
    Teresa in California