Thursday, March 20, 2014


March 21 is the beginning of Ostara, the pagan welcoming of Spring Equinox.

This is a time of rebirth, blessing the earth.  It is a time to plant seeds, walk in the woods and welcome the baby animals into our beautiful world. 

Easter comes with Spring along with new life, new flowers, and the earth renews herself after a long cold winter.  The word Easter comes to us from the Norsemen's Eostur, Eastar, Ostara, and Ostar, and the pagan goddess Eostre, involving the season of the growing sun and new birth.  The "Easter" Bunny was originally a symbol of fertility and their rapid reproduction rate cannot be denied which is why it is the symbol of Ostara and of course why our culture has embraced it as the symbol of Easter.

I usually celebrate Ostara by starting my summer seeds, walking in the woods with the dogs and getting the yard ready for Spring.  Unfortunately it is still freezing here so I will celebrate by bringing some lovely store bought Spring potted flowers into the house and lighting candles to bless Eostre.


  1. Happy Spring to you. This year I am soo glad to see it come.

  2. It is so nice to welcome Spring. I was out early this morning, enjoying the sunshine.