Monday, March 24, 2014


As you know, I live in a small town.  So small that I go to the neighbouring town ( 5 minutes away) to pick up my packages from the local Post Office.

I am one of those old fashioned people who loves to send packages and letters.  I never miss Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards I even send Valentine's and Easter Cards to my little sweethearts.  Having an Etsy business I am at the Post Office quite often.  I also order a lot online so when I receive a pick up notice in my mailbox, the lovely old kind that sits on the side of the road across from our farm, I cannot wait to pop over and see what wrapped goodies have arrived.

Our Post Office is not as quaint as these but it is still a small brick building and every Spring flowers are out front.  The postal workers, Debbie and Jeannette always greet you with a smile, a laugh and they know everyone by their first name.

As I wrote in a post earlier this year, here in Canada the Postal services are changing.  They have done away with many Postmen and replaced door to door service with those ugly community pick up boxes.  Some areas do not even have a pick up Post Office their packages are left sitting out in front of the community boxes.  So far this has not been our plight here in Jerseyville but everytime I walk up to our Post Office door and there is a notice posted I dread it will say they are closing.

I hope this does not happen.  I would miss seeing Debbie and Jeanette every week, meeting other people in the post office for a chat having that human interaction.  We have enough machine communication in our lives it is so nice to see friendly faces, to walk into a shop where they know your name, to feel like someone actually cares. 


  1. I hope your post office stays open! We have a very small little post office in our town, too.


  2. how cute!
    our post office are impersonal and sometimes the workers themselves are very rude.
    you're very lucky to have a great post office to go to:)