Friday, April 11, 2014


I have been a bad blogger!  I cannot believe I have not posted since March 24.  I just don't know where the days have gone.  Last year I posted every day, like I had done almost for over 3 years.  I have just been so busy with another fundraiser for the Dog Rescue, a MayDay Bazaar to welcome Spring.  We have been working on the closet/office and finally we have had some nice weather so I have been working to make it look a little presentable outside.  The farm looks like a sink hole but at least the porches look nice.

A I said, tomorrow is my Birthday.  This year I am very happy to have my birthday.  I started TOPS September 25th. and as of the other day I have lost 40 lbs.  I feel great.  Lots of energy and I just feel lighter and like this is my year.  Onward and upward.  This is the first time I have fully commited myself to a regime of weight loss and exercise and I am not looking back and regretting starting earlier I am just looking ahead.

I saw this today and it says it all for me.

For my Birthday present this year I went to see someone I admire, Cher.  My daughter-in-laws mom, Donna, also a dear friend, went with me, that was her Christmas present.  I saw Cher years ago and I must say she is as beautiful, fit and strong voiced as she was then if not more so.  The woman is 68 years old, age is just a number.  Her show was a feast for the eyes with old songs, new songs and a wonderful video duet with Sonny singing I Got You Babe.    She did a Burlesque montage, a fabulous set with her Gypsy, Tramps and Thieves album and the finale took my breath away, she actually floated across the stadium while singing her beautiful last song.  Pat Benatar opened for her and boy can she belt it out.  She is 61 and a real firecracker.  I highly recommend seeing this show if you can.  It was a great Birthday present and as an extra bonus I fit into the dress I bought in November for the concert.  Funny story, I had to wear a slip underneath and I only have one half slip and it was a little big so I tucked it into the top of my tights.  Going up the escalator I said to Donna " Something doesn't feel right".  My slip had come untucked and was heading for my ankles.  Now that, although a good thing weight loss wise, it could have been very embarrassing.

So, tomorrow my lovely family will be here, I am going to have a very small sliver of my birthday cake, I did not care if I had one but my hubby looked like he was going to cry when I said no cake this year so I did pick up a little one.  I will do a nice big catch up post on Sunday, lots to catch up on.  So I hope you all have a nice, sunny weekend and if it is anyone elses Birthday this weekend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the concert and a good weekend planned, too! Have fun! Sending you birthday hugs, Diane

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the weightloss.

  3. Happy Birthday Sue, enjoy your day, wheeeee!!!! Hugs Francine.

  4. Happy Birthday lovely lady!
    Age is just a number!

  5. Happy Birthday Wicked one! May your entire year be full of deliciously happy bits! ♥

  6. Sorry to miss your special day, hope you had a great time and have a wonderful year ahead.

    J xx

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Sue! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating YOU! Deb