Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Last week Spring finally came to Jerseyville.  The sun beat down upon the farm with a glorious, snow melting warmth.

Atticus, Rufus and Daisy happily lounged on the porch with us while we cleaned away the winter and put out the summer furniture, a bit early I know but I really wanted to sit outside for Easter.

What a beautiful day it was, finally after such a horrendous winter, even for Canada, Spring had arrived.

I went to Josmar Acres and purchased some hearty Pansies, I know they can take the colder evenings.  After a long, satisfying morning of fixing the porch, I sat for a welcoming cup of tea and a good look at my country books for some ideas for summer decorating.

But alas, Spring can be a cruel mistress!  This is what we woke up to yesterday morning.  Not only this but it had poured rain on Monday and the basement flooded near the furnace which caused it to shut down.  While my husband was setting up the sump pump he broke a mirror ( I think this is why the furnace stopped, the first of 7 years of bad luck).

Today, the furnace is working, the basement is dry, I am doing Easter decorating and the snow is beginning to melt.  Brenda, from Rescue Dogs Match popped in with a lovely Easter pot of flowers.  Life goes on, Spring will come, and you would think by now I would be prepared for the unexpected weather, even in April, after all, I AM CANADIAN!


  1. Wow Sue, looks great out on the patio, still cold here. Happy Easter, Francine.

  2. OMGoodness! It sure hit the fan didn't it? LOL. Oh well, what don't kill ya, ya learn from.
    Your doggies are awesome! Atticus is cute, looks like he was playing shootout at the OK corral.
    I love your sun porch and pretty flowers.
    Our weather can't make up its' mind either. AC one day and fireplace the next, whaaa?!

  3. LOL Sue, well even for us Canucks this winter has been a test! So sorry about the flooded basement and hope all is well now. Love the pictures of the pups and what lovely pansies, think I will have to make a journey into town to buy some for our front door too!