Saturday, April 19, 2014


Easter crept up on me this year.  I have been so busy with the renovations and the Rescue Dogs Match MayDay Bazaar Fundraiser that I just realized on Monday that it was this weekend.

I love Easter  all of the pastals and chocolate colours.  I always bake some festive treats and here are some adorable ones I found on Pinterest.

These are some really cute simple ideas.  These M & M cookies are so easy, just use a simple butter cookie recipe, I would use a chocolate chip cookie recipe and eliminate the chips just poke in some Easter M & M's and there you go a delicious easy treat.

How cute are these chick cupcakes.  A vanilla iced cupcake dipped in yellow sanding sugar with a little icing wings, beak and eyes and they look amazing.

Love this bunny cake just lots of coloured coconut you use paper ears and he is so hoppingly cute.

I think these cupcakes and cake are just gorgeous!  All you need to decorate are oreo cookie crumbs that you buy like graham cracker crumbs in the box.  So sweet.  Go to THE CAKE BLOG for full instructions for this yummy cake.

I have always wanted to make this Martha Stewart Garden Cake, one day I will.  It takes a lot of patience working with the fondant to make all the veggies and the fence but what an absolutely marvelous cake.

I have made these cupcakes many times and they are really simple and the kids just love them.  Simply ice the cupcake add toasted coconut and pipe three blue blobs.  Add eyes and little beaks.....adorable.

Love these cupcakes too but there is an awful lot of icing, cute though.

I am the Cookie Queen of Jerseyville.  I become a little obsessed about how I decorate them.  I will spend hours with the details they are little pieces of art to me but they get gobbled up just as quickly as the plain ones, but aren't they just beautiful.

Easter is not Easter without CHOCOLATE.  Now this cake is a sugar rush waiting to happen.   Chocolate cake surrounded by KitKats and filled with Cadbury Eggs just lock the kids in a room for a few hours after they eat this.

A simple Chocolate Cupcake this sprinkles and Cadbury Eggs....lovely!

I saw this and although it is not exactly Easter I just thought it was adorable!  I think I will make this for one of my Grandbabies Birthdays one year.  For Easter you could actually put little duckies in there and add some eggs around the bottom.  Go to JUST A PINCH RECIPES for the complete instructions.

Every holiday season I find one recipe I just have to make and this is it for Easter.  When I saw these SPARKLY SURPRISE CARROT CUPCAKES I just had to make them.  When I looked at first I thought you would make the cake and freeze it and cut out the carrot shape.  When I checked out the website the simplicity of these is genius.  Check out  HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST you will want to make them too!

I hope I have made you mouth water and given you a little inspiration for a special Easter treat.  Have a lovely day I know I will the sun is shining on Jerseyville today.


  1. definitely made my mouth water!
    everything's so cute it seems a shame to eat it!!
    hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

  2. Easter Wishes Sue, everything looks so wonderful, my mouth is watering too, Blessings Francine.

  3. What a gorgeous and dazzling post...all those yummy treasures look divine and beautiful! Wishing you a magical wkd!

  4. What a delicious post! Have a lovely Easter long weekend and enjoy your sunshine :O)

  5. Now my mouth is watering! These pics are too beautiful, adorable and amazing. Those little piggies in the mud bath cake made me chuckle out loud. Thanks for bringing such beauty and so many smiles to my life. Warmest hugs, Mina