Monday, May 19, 2014


Just a quick post today, my server is very slow for some reason and it has taken almost an hour to get these pictures up. 

First HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!  It is finally a nice sunny day, I am on my way out to work in the garden right now.  It is 22c. which is around 74F.  The sun is shining but the farm is still so muddy I will show you tomorrow what the poor pups look like and the pictures from the MayDay Bazaar.

I have two WINNERS for my GIVEAWAY, actually I only had 2 entries.  Either the weather is so nice not many bloggers are stopping by or I have been missing a lot of posts so no one stops by anymore.  Either way, I am still here.

The winners are two fellow Canadian ladies.

DEB FROM PAXTON VALLEY FOLK ART and FRANCINE  FROM PRIMITIVE STARS.  I will send you gifts out this week.  Hope you are all having a lovely day.


  1. Oh lucky me, how great. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway Sue... Your home looks so great, love the farmhouse, sweet flags, Francine.

  2. Sue, I am so excited to be one of your lucky winners, thank you so much! Can't wait to have another piece of your lovely jewelry, it is so well made and beautiful. And I think you are a couple of months early with the Canada Day wishes, it's Victoria Day this weekend, isn't it? ;O) Whichever it was, hope you had a wonderful weekend and thanks again, Deb

  3. Sue,
    I'm still here and reading your blog just in the middle of moving chaos so not commenting as often. Great news for Francine and Deb to be your lucky winners!

  4. Happy Canada day to you, Sue!


  5. So very sorry I missed it...I feel bad. Sometimes work takes the fun times out of life...but got to make that money... Congrats to the winners..
    Please take a look at my rainbows on my blog. I think they will make you smile..

  6. The house looks beautiful

  7. Love your comment about salt company owners! This snow is ridiculous!!
    Great house! And yes, very cute designer!
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