Sunday, August 24, 2014


First before I start the tour I want to show you my newest find.  I picked this gorgeous print up at a recent auction, it is a picture of Gypsy Horses and I love it.  Unfortunately, it poured rain that day and for some reason the auctioneer had the upholstered furniture and the paintings outside and the wooden items inside so this print was in perfect condition but you can see the water damage on the bottom thank goodness it did not touch the actual picture.  Now let's get started.

This is the cupboard that made me completely change the whole front room!  This was another one of my Grandmother's that has been stored in the workshop.  It was suppose to go upstairs in the redone bedroom but it was much bigger than we thought.  I had my sweet little pine cupboard here but it is now in the family room storing DVD's amd the DVD cupboard is in our bedroom.  When we first put this cupboard here I did not like it.  It is much bigger and stuck out like a sore thumb.  I put curtains behind the glass because I store candles, cards, holiday things and odds and ends in there and did not want it to look messy.  I liked it much better but it still did not fit in.  After three days of looking at it I changed the whole room and it is balanced now.  Luca likes it.

The desk was beside the new cupboard and looked so small so I switched it and moved the dining table to the corner, I will pull it out if we ever need it.  The large bench was in the corner it is now beside the cupboard and the height is much better suited there.

The little table did not fit beside the big cupboard anymore but I like it in the corner.  The pretty mirror and miniature paintings were my Grandmother's and look really nice around the table.

I am very happy with these rooms and amazingly it looks bigger than before.

The last thing that got changed during the bedroom redo was our son's old room.  We had of course changed it long ago enclosing the bed Scandinavian style.  I added the Faerie to the door for our little granddaughter if she ever sleeps over (she says mommie would miss her).   The cupboard my husband made for the room was on the other wall and it always looked crowded.  I moved it over, it now holds my handbag collection ( it is full!) .  The pictures were a large poster our son made in grade 2 and won the Humane Society Award at our local Fair.  I love it and held onto it for years then decided to cut it into 4 and frame them.  The high chair was our son's and the hat he wore as the Mad Hatter at his wedding party here on the farm.

I just love the changes now every room seem fresh and bright a new start for the changing Season.


  1. I always love looking at your changes. Wow..... that is a big cupboard.
    Love those wood floors too!!

  2. You have a beautiful home Sue, everything is in exactly the right place. Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your lovely home.

  3. So warm and welcoming, love that cupboard. Your home is wonderful, love seeing your cozy rooms, Blessings Francine.

  4. Gorgeous mom !! Can't wait to see it in person