Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Halloween is approaching quickly and the Ghosts are circling.  If you have not decked out your  home for the Spooky night already here are some eerily amazing ideas for you Halloween Decor.

A broom, some hats and what a nice display you have, I actually did this on my front porch.  I bought 6 witch hats from the dollar store and hung them along the porch, they look so spooky floating there.

Love the chalkboard, simple but gorgeous and a nice display of pumpkins.

The hall has big impact but it is done so simply.  Papar bats, a bird in a cage, a branch from the garden with little homemade bags, some pumpkins and a banner.....easy!

A little more elaborate but really gorgeous.  I love that first chair and the books, pumpkin and doll....love the whole thing!

What can I say this fireplace is hauntingly bootiful.

Love the BOO and I want that broom.  Incredible birdcage, where do I find that chair!

Next Halloween I am going to throw a Haunted Dinner Party.   I am going to start collecting spooky things now.  Maybe I will have it outside, love that.  I can think of nothing that would be more fun than a dinner with my Ghoul Friends.

There are some fab ideas here, simple to over the top.  Hope your Halloween Decor is as Hauntingly Bootiful, I  am sure it is.


  1. Awsome pics!!!!! I like all the orange and black the best, says Halloween to me. Love the Munsters houses.
    Best part.....candy.

  2. So many wonderful display ideas ~ Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween!
    Prim Blessings