Saturday, November 14, 2015


Yes, Christmas has come to the farm.  The Christmas decorations went up outside on November 2nd. a lovely warm day.  Today I started on the inside.

Next weekend is our annual Christmas party, I cannot believe it is here already and then it will be 34 days until Christmas!!

I am trying to keep the decorating a little simpler this year.  I am Norwegian/Canadian and I love the Scandinavian Christmas decorating style.  Now that the farmhouse is painted inside in shades of white I am going to use a lot of green, white and gold accents.  Of course I will have some splashes of red it is Christmas after all.

Lighting is so important at Christmas.  I have all of these gorgeous Swedish stars, they are from Ikea and I just love the warm glow they have.

The lwall tree is a great idea , so simple but really impressive.

Being Norwegian we celebrate two Christmas's.  We have St. Lucia on December 13th.  That is when the Nisse (Norwegian) or Tomte ( Swedish) little Gnome comes on Christmas Eve.  I will tell you more about that in another post I will say if he does not get his porridge with an almond he is not a happy gnome!

So I had better get back to my decorating.  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and maybe you should think about decorating too.

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  1. Lovely pictures Sue, we had snow here this weekend so it's looking very wintery but I just can't get into the Christmas spirit. Have a wonderful party and happy decorating! Deb xo