Friday, January 15, 2016


I get very bored this time of year.  You can't really do much outside and there is only so much cleaning to do.  I always feel better when I do something new with my hair.

I do it turquoise in the summer, and I have done it in shades of deep pink but I think I may try something new.

Maybe some shade of purple or mauve, maybe with a little pink.  I love the top one.

I am really  partial to the turqoise and teal though.  Maybe I will start with that.  Perhaps a different shade every month until Spring.

I think they grey shades are fabulous and I adore that grey/green.  I can't make up my mind!

Oh well, I can always go rainbow!


  1. Hello Queenie, I am finally back to blogging. Love you work concerning your hair. You are right got to stay busy some way. Making jewelry for me right now. I have enough to keep me busy forever. Love your header and especially your background.

  2. ok...soooooo 7 hours after first reading this post and totally forgetting where I started, I am back here closing window after window, after being blown away by some of the hair on these pics and suddenly NEEDING to do something with my hair!....phew....I love the pale pink hair but only blonds can do that one, and love the silver, always have. Wow...what a trip without luggage I took today, inspired by these pics! love the 4th, 5th and 10th pics to pieces and simply need to have that already working on it, and working on dry shampoo, ombre-ing my hair, and going for a trim tomorrow, and learning so much today ... on and, thanks for this. lolol.