Monday, January 18, 2016


It has not been the nicest winter here in Ontario.  Dull, grey, rainy, cold, icy....yuck!  I find myself dreaming of Spring!

Waking up to the sunrise streaming through the fields.  Smelling the warm earth and seeing the buds on the trees, the flowers popping their little heads through the garden and in the fields.

The animals finally coming out of the barns, happy to see the sun and the green grass.  The babies being born, life starting anew.

Everything growing!  Flowers, oh how I miss the flowers.

The first day I hang the laundry outside is a celebration.  The smell of the breeze on the clothes is like breathing fresh air.  Sitting outside in the sun for the first time after a long, long winter is bliss.

Last Spring was early, we had everything on the porch by mid April.  The first time sitting in the sun on the porch with my books and a cup of coffee is sure joy.

So I will sit here everyday waiting.  I will keep myself busy during this darn winter and I will wait for the morning I wake up and see this little sweetie hopping around the lawn and it will tell me that Spring is just around the corner.

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  1. Oh thanks Sue, you brightened up my very cold day. Such beautiful Spring pictures, I'm going back and dreaming too.Hugs Francine.