Monday, February 1, 2016


For a while now my husband and I have picked up old toolboxes when we have seen unusual ones.  I have one like the top tool chest box and I have several like the green one.  We have a couple similar to the last one as well.  The thing we love about antique toolboxes is that we have never found two the same.  Most are handmade by whoever needed them for their specific needs.

I have seen them repurposed as shelves, flower holders and many other things.  My husband collects them for his workshop to go with his antique tools, I on the other hand, repurpose them for the house, so when we find one we both like it can be a battle of wills.

Last year we found this beauty in an Antique Fair.  It has been in my husband's shop since then.  Last week I was out in the shop and it caught my eye.  Today I lovingly brought him tea and cookies in the shop and stole it right out from under him.  He struggled at first but he gave in and he really loves it on our utility storage cupboard.  It is perfect for my oils and vinegars and it holds the antique measuring cups I received from my Grandmother perfectly.

I filled them with coffee cups and the other hold the tea utensils.  My little vintage Big Ben clock looks smashing with the dark green wood.

Hanging above is a chimney pipe rack which I hung my new pots and pans from.  Above is a Couscousier.  I watched Nigella Lawson's cooking program and she has one just like it which her sister brought her from Turkey.  She uses it for everything.  I never dreamed I would find one but amazingly I picked this one up in Value Village for $9.00 I could not believe it.  I just adore it shape and it fit perfect on top of the rack.

This is my newest aquisition.  I found her in HomeSense.  She is Kuan Yin the goddess of Mercy and Friend to Mankind.  She is very large, over 19" high and she looks gorgeous in my Hippie Bohemian bathroom.  I fell in love with the colour of her lips and the overall tone and shape.

Well, that is the news for today.  I am going down now to feed the pups it has been warm outside today and they have been running around enjoying the sun so they are extra hungry.

blessings & bliss

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  1. Hi Sue, I love old tool carries, I di have a few... Great new buy, love her lips too.... Give your fur babies a hug from me,Blessings Francine.