Monday, March 7, 2016


Charm bracelets have been around forever.  They were used for many different reasons, love, family, travel and just for fashion.

Charm bracelets went out of vogue for a bit in the 80's and 90's but they are coming back with a vengance!  Vintage or brand new the charm bracelet is back.

Hearts have always been big with charm bracelets.  This is a lovely selection.

Travel charm bracelets are probably the most popular.  I don't think there use to be anywhere you went, every gift shop, restaurant and gas stations sold charms.

Even celebrities were not immume to the charm bracelet allure.  These are just 4 of Elizabeth Taylor's collection....gorgeous!

I always discover something new when I am researching for my blog.  This time it is theatre tokens.  I had no idea what these were.  Apparently they used to put a metal token for an opera or play on your seat to reserve it with the name of the production, so fabulour, I want some now.  Many patrons made them into charm bracelets or, as Edith Head the famous costume designer did, a necklace.

Some charm bracelets are uniquely made just for the wearer.  What  a nice way to use lockets on that first bracelet.  An animal love would compile a collection like these wonderful little dogs or a coin bracelet woudl be compiled from coins collected from someones travels.  The last one is a nice way to show off some lovely enamel charms.

The sweet little charms that make up a charm bracelet are just so adorable sometimes.  I love antique charms, they really do not make them like this anymore.  A charm from the Victorian  Era was so detailed, like little jewels.  Look at that adorable egg cup and I would love the cauldron.  The goldfish bowl is amazing and what a great way to show off some pictures or your children's photos like that 4 way heart.  The bird is to die for.

No matter how you display your charms, on a tradition bracelet or repurpose them onto a necklace, the Charmed Days are back!

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  1. LOVE <3! Still have my travel charm bracelet when I was a child. I wonder where it is... may need to dig it out.
    Blessings, Patti