Thursday, March 3, 2016


Spring is coming, I can feel it!  Even though the ground is covered with snow here I just can feel Spring is right around the corner.  I get very happy and upbeat in Spring, which I am today, so I know it is coming.

Just a few little things today.

My lovely daughter-in-law has been working very hard on her Etsy Shop with these fabulous DreamCatchers.  Each one has so much detail and they are all unique.  This new one is called GYPSY DREAMER.

And this one I absolutely love!  It is called MAZZY.  They are so reasonably priced too!  Please spread the word for me she has just started her shop it is called FEATHER AND SKY so pop over and have a look and make her shop a FAVOURITE.

If you follow my blog you know I am a bit THRIFTER.   I found the find of my Thrifting carreer yesterday.  I never buy boots at Value Village mostly because they are not my size or style.  I like my boots on the quirky side.  These caught my eye.  They are made by A.S.98 which I was not familiar with (boy, I am now!)  They were buttery soft, wrapped around the front with cool gromits and zipped up the inside and never worn.  Priced at $14.00 plus I had a 30% off coupon.  I bought them and came home and checked them out on the computer.  A.S.98 is an company in Italy that makes the most fabulous unique boots I have ever seen.  These ones I found in several shops and on FREE PEOPLE listed for $535. U.S. that if around $716.00 Canadian!  I called my daughter-in-law and she knew right away what they were she has been a fan of A.S.98 for a while.

Well, needless to say my Thrifting carreer just hit it's peak,  I thought finding an Italian Espresso Machine for under $10 was a find but this is my big find.

So check out your local thrift stores you never know what little gems you may find.  HAPPY THURSDAY & HAPPY THRIFTING.


  1. It is snowing here too but I know Spring is not far away, thank goodness. Love those boots. I do a lot of thrift store shopping but now I am trying to thin out some of my stuff. Basically just swapping around.

  2. Morning Sue, snowing here right now, yuk!!!!!! Pretty dream catchers, so colourful!! I adore the boots, I would have bought them, I am a boot lover.Blessings Francine.