Sunday, May 22, 2016


Finally, finally, the hot weather is here in Jerseyville.  The gardens are coming along, the heat feels so lovely.  It is time to decorate the gardens. 

I love to have little surprises in the gardens.  A little spot to sit, a windchimes where you don't expect one or a faeiry peaking around a corner.

What a beautiful way to light you night garden.  So simple.  I love the teepee idea.

I adore windchimes, I hang them everywhere.  I am always looking for something unique.  I would love to have a bunch of old cow bells, the sound would be amazing.  This sweet little jewel in the middle is made from what else, recycled jewellry.  I have to make one of those.  Love the bottom one from Etsy, unfortunately it was sold.

Oh, my hippie heart!  These are fabulous.  Obviously tribal bohemian.  Wish I could find those.  The last one is so sweet I may try to make that.

I have to find a stain glass artist and buy some scrap pieces of glass.  I think something like this would be so beautiful first thing in the morning in my kitchen.

I hope you are all having a wonderful, sun filled day wherever you are and that you are enjoying you gardens.

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