Sunday, July 31, 2016


Finally the heat let up today here in Ontario.  It rained a lovely hard rain Saturday morning, greatly needed.

The lettuce and tomatoes are finally coming along.  I have some different heirlooms this year, little purple tomatoes, cannot wait to see what they taste like.

The person I order my seeds from sent me a bonus package.  I lost the package and do not remeber what this is.  They start out looking like a cucumber but are getting round...anyone know what this mystery vegetable is?

The Snowball bush bloomed this week, it is very old.  Queen Anne's Lace is everywhere I just love it's delicate flower.  I did not plant many colourful flowers this season but I always plant the Lobelia, love that blue.

The front gardens are a vision in green, too shady for flowers but I love the different green palate.  The dogs enjoy it too.

We have a lot of birds and squirrels that we feed as well as chipmunks so we decided instead of a lot of little feeders to build one big one.  They all seem to enjoy it and the dogs hang around there chasing the squirrels, they never have caught one, thank goodness.

A few weeks ago I was working in the studio when Alley started barking her head off.  I looked out the window and right in front of me was this little guy.  A red Squirrel!  He is very tiny.  I thought the dogs had scared him away but he came back and this little guy takes no bullying from the dogs.  He squeaks at them and sits on the feeder and has his meals.

I should always keep my camera with me.  Today at the screened door of the studio on the fences was a beautiful Hawk just sitting there watching me work, lots of canaries this year too.

Out in the back gardens everything is slowing blooming, it seemed to take longer this summer.  Alice and the Cheshire Cat have held up very well since our son's wedding 6 years ago.  the Cone Flowers just bloomed.  Everything is doing nicely since that rain.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoying some of this cooler weather.


  1. Loved my day on the farm, your yard is beautiful as is the gardens. That is a great feeder, good to have it so big for all.... Blessings Francine.