Monday, October 31, 2016


I have been without my computer for 4 days, took it in for an update and I am just figuring everything out now but here is my Halloween post.

No corner was spared this Halloween.  The farmhouse was decked out in spooky style with some kid friendly pieces added for the little Halloween Party we had for the grand babies and their little second cousins.  My newest pieces this season are the pumpkin snow globe with the lovely raven inside seen on the lit display and the adorable White Witch.  When we bought her and got her home I looked at her tag and was surprised to see her name was Bella which is what the babies call me , it was meant to be.

I made some cute Halloween pillows from tea towels and decided to keep the Halloween Paintings from my Etsy Shop.  The looked so good on the shutter display we made for the Art Show that now they will be a permanent Halloween fixture in the farmhouse.

Everyone gets a mask even the lamps and my red pig.  The vintage pumpkin and cat are my favourites I cannot find things like that anymore.  I painted the Midnight. Moonlight and Magic sign, I adore it and would leave it out all year.

The Party was a great success.  I had lots of crafts for the kids , I did learn a valuable lesson, never use glitter with 2 to 5 year olds.  I mad bat and witch hat cookies and spooky cupcakes.  I found these adorable Patience Brewster paper plates and lots of goodies from the Dollar Store.  It was a really fun day seeing the kids in their costumes enjoying themselves.  My sweet little granddaughter was Posie from Little Charmers, my great niece was Omelette from PJ Mask and my grandson and great nephew were Catboy.  It was a blast.

I am off now to see the kids in Toronto for Halloween.  Love it.  When we come home I will have my Samhain Blessing.  I wish you all a safe and Spookily amazing Halloween and to my fellow Wiccans Blessed Samhain.


  1. Happy All Hallows Eve to you Faerie Queen!

  2. I love your Halloween home! Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

  3. Sounds like your party for the little ones was great fun... Hope the rest of your Halloween celebrations went well.

    Blessed Samhain to you too.