Thursday, March 16, 2017


With the clocks changing it is so lovely and bright in the mornings, mind you, here in Ontario the weather has been horrible for 5 days so today when I walked into my hallway upstairs it was such a joy to see the sun.

Stella was enjoying it, she did not even want to go downstairs.  The sun just lit up everything this morning, all of my jewelry just sparked and even my Marilyn pictures seemed to smile.

I just love to sit in my office/closet room on mornings like this.  I do a bit of work and have a nice morning coffee and just enjoy the sun.

There is stil a lot of snow outside but it is melting a bit.  I try not to look out there and just take in the sun bouncing off of my walls.

Everything is just better with the sun.  I spent all day yesterday polishing, vacuuming and cleaning away cobwebs so today I can just sit back and enjoy!

I hope that wherever you are you are having a bright, sunny day too!!

blessings & bliss

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