Saturday, December 23, 2017


I adore Christmas cards.  Not only are they festive and lovely, if you save them, as I do, they are a nice way to look back at Christmas's past.

Since the postage went up in Canada a few years ago, not everyone sends cards anymore and I think that is a shame.  Postage is .85 per stamp for a book of 10.  I know this is pricey but if you are like me and love tradition I just roll it in with my Christmas budget.

I love to display my cards, as you saw in my recent post , I repurposed an old window and all of my cards sit happily on my front door .  These ideas are adorable.  Love the tree but I do not have a blank wall.  The bannister is nice too.

A lot of people seem to like to old window idea.    These are so nice, like the wreath in the middle of the second one.  The chicken wire is great too.

So pretty under the shelf, and what a great use of the space.  This tree is simply divine.

So whichever way you display your cards, I do hope you still send them, it is a nice gesture.  Some people say they don't have the time.  Ever since I was married, I started my own tradition.  Some of my friends think it is strange but it works for me.  On Boxing Day,  make myself a nice coffee, a little plate of treats and I bring out my new calendar, my new boxes of Christmas Cards and my cards we received this year.  I write out all my cards for the next year.  It is relaxing, I can take my time and write a nice message.  I have all my new labels and I usually have the stamps ready too!  I get my calendar ready as well,  I make a calendar every year with pictures of my family.  Mind you, this year was great.  I used Vista Print and you can pre put all the Birthdays and special occasions on the calendar, that saves some time.

Hope your holidays are snowy and bright!

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