Saturday, January 13, 2018


The sun is shining in the living room despite the dump of snow and icy cold weather today.

It seemed to have taken much longer putting the house back together from Christmas this year.  I blame the cold, dark days and the fact that I decided to do the Spring Cleanout while I put everything back.

The living room is completely done!  Cleaned , polished and lovely.  The floor held up great and I still really like it, it looks like worn denim.  I picked up the really fabulous Bohemian pillows from HomeSense the brighten up the room.

I brought some pieces from the other living room in to this one for a change.  I inherited the old Quebec Gate Keeper from my Grandmother's primitive collection.  He has a big metal hoop on his back and he would hang on a gate and hold the key.

I also move Saint Mamet on to the old step stool.  He is the Saint of stomach ailments.  For years I thought he held a loaf of bread but he is holding intestines....lovely!  My Grandmother bought him in the 1970's from an old Monestary School outside of Quebec, he is from France by way of Ireland.  The person who had him was a collector of old religious figures.

The Grouse and her babies is an old carving from Ontario.  The print of the little girl feeding chickens was my Grandmother's favourite.  I painted the woman harvesting wheat as a companion piece for my old men in the kitchen.

I bought this amazing print of Gypsy Horses at a farm auction a few years ago.  The owners were collectors and the price on the back was $350 in 1961.  It was in perfect condition.  Unfortunately it rained that day and the auctioneers had the paintings and prints outside instead of in the barn so it got water damage on the bottom.  I bought it for $10. and I love it in spite of the dumb mistake the auctioneer made.

Last the is a sign I made that hangs over  our door.....words to live by.

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