Friday, January 12, 2018


Before I made Kimonos for my Bohemian Shop MY HIPPIE HEART we had a Primitive Pine Furniture business called 13 MOCKINGBIRDS.

We started out making small pieces for our home, the bird shelf is the first piece I ever made.  The tray is one of the last ones I have left, they were very popular.  The Market Box is a copy of an antique one from Norway, they held vegetables.

We started making larger pieces and sold a lot of cupboards, harvest tables and armoires.  Our son and his wife furnished their home with our pieces.  We make matching armoires in their living room, matching bookcases and dressers and the most recent addition was a harvest table I had been using in our storage area, we refinished the top to lighten it up now it has a very Scandinavian feel.

When our little darling was born we made this storage cabinet for her room, it holds baskets, we also made her this little stool.

When we needed storage in the kitchen for my pots and pans we repurposed a great old pine table    into this cupboard.  It is on casters so I can use it as an island if I need to.  The lovely mustard
piece hold paper work and wine!

We used old an new pine to make this great woodbox and when we did the One of a Kind show in Toronto I needed a place for the debit machine and transaction papers so we made this nice tall piece, the inspiration was our trays so happy ravens are painted on all sides to represent the 4 seasons.

Although I miss creating with wood, we still do it for ourselves and our family, it is a lot of work.  Now that I make the kimonos, they are so easy to transport to shows, reasonable to ship too.  I will always love my business 13 Mockingbirds and if anyone asked I am sure we would still make them a pieces.

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