Sunday, February 25, 2018


I have always worn an apron in the kitchen, especially when baking or using oils.  If I see an interesting one, I prefer a bib apron with pockets, I will pick it up.

As a subscriber to Bon Apetit Magazine, I have noticed a trend over the past few years.  Aprons are hot!!!! Not only are servers in cool restaurants wearing gorgeous, worn looking linen or crisp soft cotton aprons but they seem to be getting more chic looking and everyone is wearing them.

The last two are from Bon Apetit, they are called French Linen Aprons and you can buy them online at Bon Apetit Magazine.

I love the different styles.  There is the typical bib apron with the front pocket that goes over you head and you tie but the one I have come to love is the criss cross in the back all in one apron.  I think they are gorgeous, no more bulky tie just slip it over your head, you could wear it all day.  As a matter of fact, I have noticed that aprons are not just for the kitchen or garden anymore.

Artisan's are wearing them too.  Potters, painters, all kinds of artists have discovered the simplistic,  functional fabulousness of the apron.

You can make you own or buy one.  There are all kinds of great aprons on Etsy, the first one here is from LinenCloud.  the Vermont Apron Company is also good , a whole site just for aprons.

As a artisan seamstress,  I will be wearing one from now on when I work in the studio.  I am always misplacing threads, needles and accessories so I am going to make a nice criss cross one with 2 big pockets.

I may also make a couple of waist aprons with big pockets.  They are also beautiful.

So jump on board , make or buy a great apron for the Spring and use it wherever you need on or just wear one they are pretty fantastic.

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