Monday, February 19, 2018


I love to read books, I devour them.  I have always been a huge reader.  Since last November I am on my 24th book.

I would love to have a library room like these, fabulous.  I don't save all of my books, just the really good ones that I have read over and over.  To Kill a Mockingbird, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, anything on European history.

Most of my books I buy in thrift shops.  I like to read a variety of books.  Sometimes I want something that is just a quick, light read, sometimes it is a deep, involved book that I get lost in for hours at a time.

Because I do not keep all of my books I either donate them back to the thrift shop or give them to someone who is having a yard sale.

I saw these adorable "Little Libraries" a few years ago and now they seem to be popping up everywhere.

I have been thinking of putting one outside of the farm this summer.  An adorable little structure which would be colourful and welcoming.

The idea of the "Little Library" is to "take a book, leave a book" or "borrow and return a book".  I would probably go with the "take a book , leave a book if you have one"  I don't want back the books I have already read.

I think it would be fun to do this, maybe more people would start to read again.

I really love this ultimate "Little Library" in Europe.  My trees are not big enough for this  but I think you will see an adorable little structure in front of our house in the future.

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