Saturday, April 7, 2018


I had a large collection of platform shoes in the 1970's I just loved them.  I kept my favourite ones because they have a special place in my shoe closet heart.

I was married in these beauties, they are so sexy on.  I designed my Victorian style hippie wedding dress as a midi dress just so you could see my shoes.

These are my all time favourite shoes of any kind.  They felt so amazing on and were really easy to walk in and I adored the colour.

These are the last pair of platforms I bought .  I bought all of my shoes then from THE VILLAGER in Hamilton, it no long exists but it was the most amazing Hippie Shoe store around.  I loved these too they made me over 6'1" but I must admit they were a challenge to walk in which is why they are still in perfect condition.

Funny how fashion goes around so quickly now.  I have seen platform shoes online in the past few years but they just are not made as well as the originals.

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