Monday, June 20, 2011


The weather here has been amazing. Cool, sunny mornings and breezy warm afternoons. If the rest of the summer is like this it will be pure bliss. Hope you all had a nice Father's Day. Our son loved his first one. I made him a little book from his new baby daughter and made it look like she had helped. I put cute captions beside the pictures documenting her life from the days before she was born until now.

Traffic has slowed a little on my blog so I am not yet at 100 Followers for the Giveaway. I am hoping to have that by the middle of July so please spread the word.

I have been cleaning like mad in my home and studio and discovered some things I forgot I had. This great primitive tool box was in my grandmother's antiques barn for years. I rescued it when my uncle was doing a clean out and finished it ( it has the original paint) it was in my studio under a table but I have moved it to the kitchen ontop of an old green blanket box. I think it looks great!

My peonies have finally bloomed. I planted these a few years ago. I also have some pink ones that are over 80 years old which I took from my grandparents farm before it was sold. I am having trouble getting them to bloom although the plants look healthy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have a nice day everyone.

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