Monday, August 22, 2011


I have these two pictures framed in my home and they are sitting where I see them everyday. I looked at them and no matter what kind of day I am having, they make me smile. I think these girls are just having such a good time and such a good gossip. It's like they all have a little secret.

There is something I must share. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. It is my favourite holiday and I mean holiday. I decorate like it is Christmas. I have a lot of nice vintage things and I love to find new vintage Halloween pieces. I am going to start to share ideas with you as I find them and some of mine. Here is one I saw today and I am going to do this with one of my urns. I think it is adorable!


  1. Halloween is my favorite too!
    I'm really looking forward to your Halloween posts!

  2. You're right! Those wonderful pictures made me smile. I don't know where you found them but they are treasures.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. Love your witches, I just bought some digital witches images, I am going to use them in a craft class I am teaching, they are similar to the ones you have. Halloween is a fun time of year, I love to decorate for it too. Looking forward to more of your pics.

  4. I love Halloween too!!!
    Those pictures are fabulous; love them!!!
    Halloween is just around the corner!!!

  5. Halloween is my favorite as well!!! Can't wait for it to arrive. I love those pictures as well. And that urn? LOL...I love it!