Sunday, August 21, 2011


It has been and still is a lovely summer although I do feel it winding down a bit. The days are shorter, daybreak comes a little later and the vegetables are all ripening. Having four seasons is quite lovely. You can't wait for the earthy smell of spring which means balmy summer days are just around the corner.

Summer bursts forth with new life, butterflies, caterpillars and then finally all that gardening pays off and you enjoy the delicous bounty of your hard work.

And then like magic the fall faeries sprinkle their pixie dust and turn the leaves golden yellow and orange, baking begins again ( it has been too hot in the summer to turn on an oven) we enjoy the fruits of our summer labours and BOO!!!! Halloween. And of course we give thanks for all that nature has provided with a Thanksgiving Feast earlier for us in Canada.

Then the days grow even shorter, we start the fire in the woodstove and one morning we wake up to a blanket of white which brightens the dark mornings.

There was a time I would mourn the end of summer, dreading the cold and the damp of fall, but now I embrace every season for the beauty it brings. Winter does not make things die it just changes natures clothes. So as our summer winds down think of the joy that the coming seasons will bring and sit out this evening and let the crickets sing to you as a cool coming fall breeze wraps around you as if to say " I will be there soon".

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  1. Oh Sue, what a beautiful post and tribute to the seasons. I share your appreciation of the variety of each turn. Here's wishing you a bountiful fall.