Monday, January 23, 2012


It is raining and quite a bit warmer today, 9C for us Canadians that's 48F. I can smell the earth today. You know that wonderful springtime smell when you know that anytime the Goddess of Spring will be blessing us with Crocus popping its little heads out of the ground.

The bluebells are waiting to dot the fields with their blanket of velvet glory.

My mountain of clay pots are waiting their spring fill.

And soon, I hope, my garden will once again be budding with shades of green. This is actually my favourite look in my garden. Although the full, lushness of summer is beautiful, there is something about the new birth of a spring garden.

I will be waiting with anticipation for this little guy to sing its spring song and built its nest in the tree over my back porch.

But, alas, I know that the Goddess of Spring is still sleeping for a couple of months anyway. But when she awakes I will be ready for her breath of Spring air.

Only 8 days left until my VALENTINES GIVEAWAY so don't forget to enter. I am adding some other surprise goodies as well.


  1. Winter just arrived here in the Bay Area of California. It'll rain for weeks now and then one morning, spring will show up, completely unannounced. I can't wait.

  2. I am dreaming of Spring as well and the images you have posted are making my heart yearn for her return. I love your garden and I have my fingers crossed for your delicious giveaway. ;-)

  3. Hello Faerie Queen. Just over from Mina's with thoughts and hope in my heart for the return of spring also. But I love my winter look in Ky. and just go with what's about. I love your blog. I just signed up as a follower and listed this beautiful blog on my favorites list. I would love to be considered in your giveaway and plan on having three chances.

  4. BTW your button is on my sidebar. I wish I knew how to get all the cute little falling objects you have, but every time I try to put one on my blog my blog looks like an earthquake just hit. Jumping and jerking up and down.